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Concerned about ensuring your tyres are always at the right pressure?

Keep your tyres running for longer and save by keeping your tyres inflated to the correct pressure. Tyre inflators offer a quick, hassle free way to make sure your tyres are always at the right pressure.

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Digital Tyre Inflator Review - Added: 23rd November 2010


Digital Tyre Inflator


This handy and highly rated tyre inflator is not only accurate but does exactly what it says on the tin. It's quite simple to use - a few buttons to start the tyre inflator but once you have used a few times it becomes a doddle.

To use this digital tyre inflator simply plug in to the lighter socket in your car, and fit the special adaptor on to the tyre air nozzle. Type in the the desired air pressure and away it goes. The lead is just over 3 metres in length, so although this will fit most cars you may want to check the distance between your lighter socket and the tyres.

Not only can you inflate, but also check the pressure in your tyres at any time (read our What are Tyre Inflators guide to learn more about why this is important).

Handy little extras on this tyre inflator include an LED flashlight (useful for night time emergencies) and comes with a range of other adaptors to use this inflator on other devices.

The one draw back to this product at the moment is stock levels are quite low due to its popularity.




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