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Concerned about ensuring your tyres are always at the right pressure?

Keep your tyres running for longer and save by keeping your tyres inflated to the correct pressure. Tyre inflators offer a quick, hassle free way to make sure your tyres are always at the right pressure.

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How to use a tyre inflator?- Added: 9th January 2011


Ring RAC600 Tyre InflatorIf perhaps you're considering thinking of buying a tyre inflator you may be wondering how easy are they to use.

No good purchasing one and then finding it is so complex, fiddly or with lengthy set up times that it's better to drive down to the local petrol station and top up there.

Basically these are a convenience tool. Tyre inflators help make sure you are able to top up the air in your tyres as and when you need it. If you set a routine to check the air in your tyres on a specific day or date you may find when the time comes you simply have no time, or busy doing other things, and just never make it to the garage to check your tyres. If on the other hand you have a handy tyre inflator in the boot of your car, ready to go and checking / inflating your tyres in a matter of minutes you're less likely to think of an excuse (let's face it by the time you had thought of an excuse not to, you could have actually done it!)

First thing you'll notice about tyre inflators and that is, unless they are for more high powered vehicles such as a 4x4 or truck (or commercial tyre inflators of course), these are small devices and relatively light. The Ring RAC600 weighs in at at around 1.3kgs - or the weight of a bag of sugar.From here you have a power cord that plugs in to your cars lighter socket.

This generates the power for your tyre inflator. Next is a cord with a nozzle to fit over your tyres valve (or the small arm coming from up from your tyre with a dust cap that unscrews). The nozzle fits over and first things first your unit will check your current air pressure.

Ring RAC900 Tyre InflatorIt's important to check what pressure is best suited for your car and the tyres. Of course there are hundreds of makes / models of cars and almost same number of tyre manufacturers so impossible for us to even give you a guide but best to check your car owners manual (from your car manufacturer) that should give you an idea of the best tyre pressure for your car. If in doubt contact your local car manufacturer dealers.

Once you know the pressure in your tyres you can then work out if you need to top this up, reduce pressure (if over-inflated) or keep the same if it meets the level needed.

For most digital tyre pressures there are simple settings allowing you to set the device to tyre pressure you need. One started most tyre inflators will auto-switch off once the tyre is at the pressure you entered (the exception are the manual tyre inflators - they are cheaper but do not come with the digital display or auto-switch off feature).

Simply repeat on all four tyres.




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