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Michelin Hi-Power Tyre Inflator Review - Added: 23rd November 2010


Michelin Hi-Power Tyre Inflator


Michelin Hi-Power Tyre InflatorFor a brand name such as Michelin you'd really expect the best, but a spate of faulty devices really brought down the overall view of Michelin's entry.

At only 1.9kg it certainly is portable. The name is a little misleading - 'Hi-Power' seems to suggest potential industrial power, but really it is of similar power to most other tyre inflators.

Most reviews on sites do rate this Michelin tyre inflator as being accurate, fast and quiet. Prices of this unit has dropped from around £50 to a more acceptable £30, so time is certainly right to buy and save.

All in all another tyre inflator that does what it sets out to do but faulty devices in the hands of reviewers across the internet world have harmed the reputation of this major brands tyre inflator.




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