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Keep your tyres running for longer and save by keeping your tyres inflated to the correct pressure. Tyre inflators offer a quick, hassle free way to make sure your tyres are always at the right pressure.

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Ring RAC610 Tyre Inflator Review - Added: 7th January 2011


Ring Automotive RAC610 Analogue Tyre Inflator


The Ring Automotive RAC610 has one distinct difference to the rest - that is the fact this is has an analogue display. An analogue display is simply a dial display with a pointer that swings round to show the current tyre pressure.

Like most tyre inflators motoring organisations explain the benefits of safety (important) and also helping with fuel consumption (less petrol) and less wear on the tyre. How much tread it saves and how much petrol you save is generally not given - every little helps - but it is important to ensure tyres are safely at the right pressure when driving.

As it has an analogue display rather than digital (see picture) it is cheaper, but the beauty is that it is approx. 50% cheaper just because of the different display.

If you are comfortable reading the dial, is realtively small due to the small size of the tyre inflator, this may be a cheaper alternative to the digital version. If on the other hand you would prefer a clearer and speific display you may want to look at the RAC600. The display has caused some controversy because it is quite small so bear this in mind.

Also as this is an analogue tyre inflator it doesn't have the standard auto-cut off once the pressure in the tyre reaches the desired pressure. It perhaps it a lazy feature - but who wants things more complicated.

It's great for the price but you will sacrafice the digital display and the auto-cut off feature




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