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Concerned about ensuring your tyres are always at the right pressure?

Keep your tyres running for longer and save by keeping your tyres inflated to the correct pressure. Tyre inflators offer a quick, hassle free way to make sure your tyres are always at the right pressure.

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Ring RAC630 Tyre Inflator Review - Added: 3rd December 2010


Ring RAC630 Tyre Inflator


Quicky inflating a fully deflated tyre in just 3 minutes is a good selling point for this portable tyre inflator that is climbing in popularity. Also comes with an attached LED light for night time use and emergencies for a useful touch.

Has really good accuracy and only 1.4KGs in weight (just over the weight of a bag of sugar) which makes carrying round this device a breeze.

Some tyre inflator can rattle or make noise, where this tyre inflator is reasonably quiet. A slight negative is the lead could have been slightly longer. At 3.2metres (plus additional for cord) it's suitable for getting round a car but other models can have around 5 metres.

Great little tyre inflator that does the job




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